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It’s not uncommon for people to receive a traffic violation while they’re on holiday; most of the time, these are unintentional. Driving in a different country, among laws and regulations you’re not used to, with warning and advisory signs written in a language you might not understand, is likely to cause some confusion. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, if you’re caught, you may find yourself with a traffic violation notice.
Common violations that get brought to our attention include breaking the speed limit, parking in a restricted area, or driving in a restricted area.

How will I know I’ve received a violation?
The local authorities will contact the owners of the vehicle you’re driving; the rental company. They will then be obligated to pass your contact details on so the authorities can send the notice of the violation and the corresponding fine to you.

Does Car Rental Rwanda pay the fine?
No, the car rental in Rwanda will not pay the fine on your behalf. The Rwanda National Police will send the fine to us then we forward are so you will have to pay it within the terms issued to you.

Are there any other fees involved?
It’s standard practice for car rental companies to charge you an administration fee for their involvement and liaison with the local authorities to ensure they have your details. This is often debited from the credit card used to authorize the security deposit.

What happens if I want to contest the fine?
You will have to liaise with the local authority that issued the fine. Their contact details will be included in the violation sent to you by them. Unfortunately, Car Rentals Rwanda cannot get involved with this process- if you are unaware of what the fine has been issued for, we are able to contact the Rwanda National Police on your behalf for further information, if available.

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