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Welcome to Go Self Drive Rwanda, Go Self Drive Rwanda help you find that vehicle that will help you discover the land of thousand hills of Rwanda on one of our especially fleet vehicles, Self Drive car rental – or chauffeur driven. Whether for a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a delightful expedition with companions, we have a fleet where you can choose depending on your type of vacation in Rwanda. With our 4×4 SUVs, Min-vans, and Sedans, you will never fail because of the prices. Renting the right car for your holidays can be time-consuming and frustrating. We should get you set up with the most appropriate vehicle for your needs and budget. Our prices are half the cost of large rental companies, including free airport pick up and drop off any time! You are in good hands when you rent a car from Go Self Drive in Rwanda

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We offer a fleetwide of car rentals in Rwanda, like min-SUVs (Rav4), Land cruisers, Minibus, customized safari jeeps and much more 4×4 car rentals in Rwanda. Our rental providers have undergone quality control to ensure outstanding service and vehicles. We only team up with the best and most reliable local providers. We assist our customers in any way we can. No added or extra fees. There is much more truth in this land of thousand hills than what you read or have been told about because everyone has his story tell about Rwanda. But the best option would be you being there, not minding whether you’re venturing 30 or 3,000 miles from your home. Every action you take starts a new experience, and every travel enables you to come closer to the someone you decide to be. We’ll leave nothing to chance, ensuring your travel arrangements are safe in one can reach every place from there quickly and easily with your rental car, at an affordable price. Rwanda holidays are an excellent idea to try your wings and pursue insight in a new city. Each town, city, or region you visit has its lore, and Kigali is no different.

Car rental Services

We believe self-drive car hire is always a great idea, the best choice for your holiday in Rwanda, Hiring a car means you’re free and able to drive wherever you like, on your schedule, Go self-drive in Kigali car rentals agency is your solution.

Chauffeur Driven Services in Rwanda

Go self-drive caters to the specific needs of all of our potential clients and that is the reason for those who can’t drive in their cars or do not fancy self-drive in Rwanda.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

You’re not alone Go self-drive provides free 24/7 roadside assistance for your rental car anywhere in Rwanda through Uganda. Just call the phone number provided on your hire document

Free Delivery & Collection

Save Time with Go Self-drive in Rwanda, We deliver your rental car to you in Kigali or the countryside and collect it again when the rental is over.

Lowest Price Guarantee for all rentals

We have the best rental deals at a cheap price; you will never fail because of the prices.

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